Clinical Administrative Assistant-Transcriptionist - Dermatology Job

Full Job Title: Clinical Administrative Assistant/Transcriptionist - Dermatology - Full Time

Job Number: 441174

Location: Lakeland, FL

Education: High School Diploma or GE.D

Experience: Three years dermopathology transcription experience. One-year general secretarial experience. Medical testing requirement for Level III Transcriptionist. 1 yr dermatology or dermpath experience is required.

Other Requirements: Good verbal and written communication skills. Proper grammar and accurate spelling skills. Knowledge of medical terminology in multi-specialties. Meet testing criteria for Level III Transcriptionist. Proficient in basic computer skills. Prefer ability to type corrected minimum 55 wpm.


  • Transcribes medical dictation. Meets quality standards of 98% accuracy.
  • Tracks and files slides and pathology as appropriate. Retrieves copies of pathology reports as necessary.
  • Maintains weekly update of all slides sent out for special stains.
  • Maintains list of all path reports delivered to derm offices with nurse signature indicating receipt of reports. Other duties as assigned.
  • Enters demographic information into data base, enters Biopsy locations, clinical diagnosis, prepares Pathology reports which she organizes and prepares for physician review-makes corrections as needed.
  • Follows all departmental policies and procedures.

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